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July 14th 2014:
Website is live!

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#nullrewted - relay rules

There are a few channel rules, which will be enforced if they need to be.

1 - While swearing can emphasise sentences, and we don't deny this. We ask you keep it down, it can offend some people. We have people of all ages and backgrounds, so keep your potty mouth in check.

2 - No flooding, or repeating. The bots will just ban you for it if you go overboard, and you'll miss out on the quiet, or the chat, depending what's happening at the time.

3 - No racism. This offends people, and disturbs the whole channel. Some of us are plenty disturbed, and don't need any more disturbing.

4 - No advertising, or spamming. Some networks where the bots are, may decide to put certain urls or links into a spam filter, or similar device. This leaves the relay without a network.